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General Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang three Long branch was established in 1994. There are currently 15 party members, branch from the establishment since the day it does not relax to grasp two things, one is to organize the construction of two ideological education. Ideological education is timely branch and all Party members to learn the CPC Central Committee and implement the spirit of the relevant documents to the higher Party organizations branch of work requirements, so that all party members from ideologically and organizationally and always consistent with the Party Central Committee. Construction of the branch organization is to strengthen the construction itself, and always maintain the integrity of the organization's advancement and branches. Branch always put the development focus of reserve forces, one on the development of a qualified, maintaining a stable branch and younger. Since its inception, Pingyang County branch has repeatedly been rated as advanced grass-roots party branches, four-star branch and various other honors.

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