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After-sales service system is factory products sold in the installation, use, provided the measures and provisions spare parts, maintenance and other aspects of services provided to users, service and pre-service, is an important part of corporate sales operations. Service institutionalization is not only the needs of the enterprise to participate in market competition, but also the reasonable demands of consumers, improve service not only beneficial to the user to properly use the product, the product is supposed to play a performance, but also help enterprises to establish a good reputation, and enhance competitiveness.


1. Where to buy our plant packaging equipment users, the factory will be provided free installation project and assign service personnel. Users are responsible for travel and subsistence (of a work-dine), accommodation during the installation of the service staff go.


2. The plant sent service personnel must be serious and responsible, and actively cooperate with the user installation of equipment and commissioning work to do.


3. I plant equipment users purchase after preparatory work should be done to the plant, electricity, water and other infrastructure. I plant service personnel into the plant based on the actual number of users may purchase the equipment, with factory journeyman assisted installation. We will actively teach installation and commissioning experience, allowing users to more quickly understand the performance of the device used.

The factory sent to the user equipment during installation and commissioning of individual parts found problems, the plant is responsible for "three guarantees" free exchange, never give users any losses and troubles.


5. service personnel in user units during installation, commissioning work, you must abide by the rules and regulations of the user units, strict demands on themselves. Firmly establish the "customer first" service ideas, suggestions or complaints, we need special attention, careful handling, so meticulous, excellence, and strive to establish a good reputation factory after-sales service, customer satisfaction for the customer mentioned.


6. Recommends to the Customer or complain its aggravated, Sales executive leadership or telephone service staff to tell them immediately, fax to confirm, and promptly communicated to the opinion of the handling facility to the user. A general small problem, service personnel can place their own discretion to resolve the problem the greater the sales department major leaders personally or sent staff to handle special to show caution, the satisfaction of users.


7. After the user of the service personnel and services required to fill service card completed and stamped, user units primarily responsible for seal and sign an opinion, specialized archives kept by the service group back to the unit, as well as the service personnel wage calculation original credentials.


8. The factory set up after-sales service system, the factory mainly led to a year regularly or irregularly around the user visits, comments, enhance the credibility of the plant, to expand sales area of ​​the plant to improve and enhance our sense of service, allowing users to more satisfaction with our after-sales services.




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