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First, the company's core philosophy

Modern, modern enterprise


Second, corporate purpose


Hard work,

Reputation first,

Quality first.


Third, corporate values

Management - Management reflect ability to create benefits;

Innovation - constantly looking for gaps, self-improvement, to scale new heights;

Services - for your service is our honor;

Integrity - honesty, good faith to be;

Communication - honest to the group, as a bridge to heart, heart to heart;

Understand - listen different opinions, tolerance honest mistake;

Growth - business colleagues and I;

Words and deeds - is not conducive to unity, then say no, do not do things detrimental to the plant;

Conduct - Respect colleagues, cherish their own;

Confidence - the face of difficulties have us, no difficulties before us;

Goal - beyond the self, striving for excellence.


Fourth, the spirit of enterprise

Unity and truth-seeking, innovation and dedication


Fifth, ethics

Law-abiding, loving plants such as family, unity, striving for excellence.


Sixth, quality

Scientific management, quality leadership

Technological progress, customer satisfaction.

Seven, marketing concept

Quality, price real, honest, and trustworthy.


Eight, marketing approach

Communication, outreach, expand and improve.

Young common spirit, tree common image,

Build common culture, a common brand.


Nine, security concept

"The Security than days,

Heavy responsibility on the mountain,

Your security is my security. "


Ten, service realm

Customer, the customer first.


Eleven, the concept of employment

Talented promoted the use,

Youde no training before use,

Talent without virtue refused to use.


Twelve, life philosophy

After the work people do,

Respect for others equal respect for themselves,

Serving you is my enjoyment.


Thirteen, corporate responsibility

To contribute to society;

To provide a good return on investment for its shareholders;

To provide a good space for development;

To provide satisfactory service.

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